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Exhibition Management

Our system can manage the configurations and online selling / delivery of exhibition booths for an event, along with inventory management. The information is tracked in real time as each raw space or booth gets sold (online or offline), including booth size, payment information, logo requirements, forms and other custom information too. Exhibitors can access an online portal to update their information, add product brochures, post the company logo and provide descriptions. The information they provide appears on the event's website and in the Mobile Attendee App as well.

Exhibitors want to connect with attendees, and attendees want to meet the exhibitors. Attendees want to learn more about products, services and destinations, and Exhibitors want to sell them their products and services. We provide the ways for both parties to connect professionally. We can get this done in several ways:

  • Provide an attractive and easy method for exhibitors to select their booths and registration for the conference.

  • Provide attendees with a Mobile Attendee App to connect to Exhibitors and plan their time on the Expo floor.

  • Provide Exhibitors with creative and exciting sponsorship opportunities to open even more ways to connect with the attendees.

  • Allow Exhibitors and Attendees to connect to each other for scheduled, face-to-face appointments.

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