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Gamification is all about engagement, finding activities, games, quests, and goals to encourage your attendees to engage in many ways:

  • Connect with other attendees

  • Install the Attendee App

  • Visit with exhibitors

  • Participate in social networking (EventStream)

  • Participate in Live Polling

  • Answer trivia questions

  • Check into sessions and functions

  • Much more!


These games or activities are built around goals, which are the specific engagements or actions you want to see happen. Attendees can earn points, accumulate badges, win prizes, and redeem coins to purchase items and gifts.

Gamification, when deployed in the EventStream Engage platform, can be as simple or comprehensive as you wish. EventStream Engage comes with a library of suggested goals, badges, and prizes to help spark ideas for your meetings.

Arcade Games
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