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Contemporary Boardroom
Exhibition Space
Superior Control Over Onsite Resources 

You can access to any data through reports, with our event management technology. Restrict inventories to sessions, manage accommodation across multiple hotels, travel arrangements. Manage sessions, workshops and effortlessly accommodate last minute changes.Data flows in real time across all database, forms, attendees and organizer apps.

Manage Onsite Operations

Onsite registration portals provide the team members with quick access to attendee details, and the ability to edit or update information or process payments if required. Beacons and Kiosks are designed to reduce registration queues and allow attendees to quickly check-in upon arrival and receive their registration kits. Attendee statistics are updated in real time, and Organizer Apps can be used to efficiently check participants into an event or function. Access Control tools can also be used to restrict access to specific participants for certain sessions or functions.

Engage through Mobile App

We provide you Attendee Mobile App that allows to interact with your delegates and keep them updated through push messages, posts, agenda updates and live polls. You can also encourage activity within your private social environment and enabling games to promote participation. Session surveys can be enabled to collect immediate feedback or post event feedbacks, and alerts can also be used. Speakers can easily update their presentation versions, which will update the console in real time.

Key Features

Mobile Experience
Gamification - Funtime
Lead Capture
Kiosk Experience
Live Polling
One-to-One Meetings
Access Control
Realtime Reports
Speaker Management
Preview Room Management
Beacon Technology & Auto Check-in
Event Streaming
Social Program Management
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