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Post Event Surveys

We can create an unlimited number of surveys after each session of your event to collect instant feedback from your participants. These survey results, combined with results from live polls, will allow high-level analysis. Surveys can also be conducted after the conference. This information can be exported to Excel spreadsheets as per the requirements.

Reporting & Analysis

We can also generate detailed reports from different data collection modules. Reports can be securely published in real time. Personal data and private information of your participants can be managed as per GDPR norms. We are committed to anonymize the concerned data in compliance with the policies, post event.

Financial Closure

We also assist and provide important data and information which is usually required for the auditors or other stakeholders, so as to officially and financially close the books. It includes complex excel reports, pdf reports and custom reports (if required).

Key Features
Post Event Surveys
Lead Retrieval Results
Final Reporting
GDPR & Data Protection
Personalized Communication
Financial Closure
Forecast and Data Analysis
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